Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Back on Track

We've all been there. Sugary sweets at the office, tempting smells from a nearby bakery, the promise from friends, co-workers, and family that one bite "won't hurt." But one bite is never just one bite. Soon we are taking another and another, and before we know it half the bag of chips is gone, or the entire piece of cake, or we are reaching for the bread basket. Again.

So what do we do? It's easy to get discouraged, frustrated, and even cry when we realize we've "blown it" again. But the truth is, you haven't blown it. You've made your decision, and now it's time to make a new one. Don't let a slip-up turn into a tidal wave of bad decisions. A piece of cake or cookie is not an excuse to blow the rest of the day and go on an eating binge. Take a deep breath, throw away the rest of whatever you're eating (if there's any left), wash the plate, and resolve to get back on track immediately.

It can be helpful to drink a glass of water and go on a 5-minute walk. During this short time, think about why you ate what you did. Are you feeling deprived? Have you gotten closer to your goals and feel like you deserve a reward? Were you hungry because you forgot your snack? Or did you cave in to peer pressure? Whatever the reason, resolve to find a better solution next time. Figure out when you need to work something that's a little more indulgent into your schedule. Deprivation can lead to over-indulgence later, so finding the right balance for you and your lifestyle is key. Find other rewards for your acheivements, and make sure you are planning all of your meals in advance and have snacks on hand.

It is very important to not change your exercise routine or try to "exercise out" all of the calories. Also, do not try to starve yourself later because of a slip-up. These are both symptoms of eating disorders and can lead to a lot of issues. Just get back on track and go from where you are.

This past week I have been ill from a stomach virus. The first few days I could barely eat anything. I pretty much went off my plan, although I was able to keep around my Net Carb levels for several days. The past couple of days, though, my eating has gotten out of control. I think one sugary snack led to another and another. Even though the scale is not punishing me, I know that these things aren't good for my body, so I have to resolve to do better. Starting now.

It happens to all of us. What we have to remember is that it's not our past that defines us. It is who we are and what decisions we are making right now that determine who we will become. It's time to get on the path we want to be on. At any point we can change directions and get back on track. Small changes lead to bigger ones, so start now. Today I'm going to make sure I get more than my minimum number of veggies in. What are you going to do?

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